Challenger Soccer Camp

Last Updated: Apr 28th, 2016


Challenger Sports is the most popular soccer camp provider in the United States and Canada. This year over 900 of our British soccer coaches will coach more than 150,000 boys and girls in some 3,500 camps and clinics!

Why have we become the #1 camp in the country?
We have developed a unique camp program that offers players a much broader experience than that often delivered by local coaches. Our staff are selected and trained in the UK exclusively to work in your child's camp and they have a genuine interest in helping each player develop and providing them with a memorable and positive experience.

 What is special about the camp curriculum?
Challenger's NEW 1,000 Touches Curriculum has been created to address the key areas of technical development that have the biggest impact on performance in the game. We know that the more time the players spend in contact with the ball the quicker they will master important core skills.

 What will they do each day?
 The ABC's
- Individual practices that develop Agility, Balance and Coordination
 The Moves - 20 different ways to turn. fake and beat opponents
 Freestyle soccer - Juggling, lifts and balances that will help improve touch and control
 Dribbling - Change direction and move at speed while in control of the ball
 Passing/Receiving - Improve accuracy, pace and timing of passes and better control
 Shooting - Improve technique, power and placement with both left and right feet
 Heading - Safely and confidently head the ball in attack and defense
 Tackling/Defending - Take the ball away from opponents and basic team defense

We teach more than just soccer!
We coach soccer skills within a framework of character development based on respect, responsibility, integrity, leadership and sportsmanship. Our ever-popular Camp World Cup Tournament allows us to introduce players to the geography, traditions and culture of other great soccer playing countries.