National Club Championships

Last Updated: Apr 28th, 2016

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Please click on the following link for a printable pdf version of the NWT Soccer Association's Club Nationals Policy.

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A lot of work from the Host Province, the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), and the NWT Soccer Association (NWTSA) is put in to the organization, confirmation, and delivery of this event. Teams interested in attending the Club National Championships and representing their Club must submit a letter of intention to the NWTSA before March 1st of the year of the competition. Letter of intents will not be accepted if there are any outstanding fees from the previous year. This must be accompanied by a draft roster of the team, with all players in good standing for the current season and a cheque for $2500 to be held as a deposit (which is the penalty for a team that withdraws from the completion after the deadline set by the CSA). The cheque will be returned to the team after the competition, less any fines or penalties incurred.   

Before the last Thursday in August of the year of the competition, each team must submit the following. Failure to submit team information will result in a $500 fine paid to the NWTSA

  • the legal names of all individuals travelling on the CSA-booked flights
  • CSA Team Credentials Form;
  • a team photo in electronic format;
  • a signed NWTSA Code of Conduct by ALL players and coaching staff travelling;
  • a head shot of all the players and coaching staff (must not be wearing a hat or sunglasses in photo).

NWTSA will prepare ID badges for all players and coaching staff.

Coaching Staff

Having a solid and committed Coaching Staff is the first step to ensure that teams from the NWT get the most out of their national competition experience. The CSA requires that all coaches have (at a minimum) their full Community Coach Certificate or Soccer for Life Certificate (prior to March 1 of the year of competition). Any coaching staff travelling to the competition must also complete the NWTSA’s ‘Respect in Sport’ program, and the CCES E-learning online education prior to departing for the competition. This requirement is imposed by the NWT Soccer Association and the CSA to ensure the safety of our members and to enhance the competition experience.

All teams must have, at minimum, a Head Coach and a Team Manager who are not players on the team, one of whom shall be of the same gender as the players. No team staff member may be under the age of majority.

This is an extremely important function because it will ensure the administration of the team is handled in a timely and professional fashion and relieve some of the responsibility of the Head Coach and provide additional support and supervision to the players. All coaching staff must also have a valid CPIC with vulnerable sector check on file with the NWTSA.

Territorial Play-Downs

If there is more than one club team wishing to represent NWT Soccer in the same category at the National Club Championship in the same in the same year, a territorial play-down will be completed before August 1st of that year.

The play-down will consist of a two (2) game play-down, the winner being determined by the total number of points (WIN = 3 pts, TIE = 1pt) after two matches. The first game can end in a tie, however, if the two teams are tied in points at the end of regulation time after the second match, one (1) overtime period, consisting of two (2) halves in which the length of each half shall be determined according to the age guidelines specified by the CSA.

If no winner has been determined after the overtime period, 5 kicks for each team of players present on the field when the match ends shall take kicks from the penalty mark. If after five (5) penalty kicks, no winner has been determined, sudden death kicks from the penalty mark will be used to determine the winner. The order of shooting for the sudden death penalty kicks must go through all eleven (11) players on the field each time before any player can kick again. For both the play-downs and the National Club Championships, every player must have matching team jerseys and socks.

The NWT Soccer Association will provide up to three (3) certified match officials for the play-down. The NWT Soccer Association will cover the costs of their accommodations, game fees, and transportation to and from the play-down. Any other costs associated with the play-down will be divided evenly amongst the teams competing and paid for prior to the competition.

Territorial Representative

The CSA requires that each team attending the tournament must have a representative from their respective PSO/TSO to act as a liaison between the CSA and the individual teams. Applications will be solicited in July for the Territorial Rep position(s). To avoid a conflict of interest the Territorial Representative cannot be a member of the team staff, a player or immediate family (i.e. Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend) of a player in the competition regardless if he/she serves on the NWTSA Board.

The NWTSA will cover the full cost of sending a Territorial Representative. The representative will be given a per diem based on current Government of the Northwest Territory rates.

The Territorial Representative is required to arrive at the competition with or before their team and to leave with or after the team. Their flights will be booked by the CSA along with the team’s flights. They are expected to attend all required functions while at the competition and to wear NWT gear at these events; NWTSA apparel will be provided by the Association. The Territorial Rep must have a working cell phone during the entire competition and are responsible for the associated costs. They will be reimbursed for cell phone costs under certain circumstances (e.g. phone calls for medical emergencies). NWTSA does not cover any vehicle rentals, Territorial Representatives will be required to travel with the team when necessary. If a Territorial Representatives wishes to rent their own vehicle they will be responsible for paying for it. 


The CSA will book all air travel for teams travelling to the National Club Championships. Teams opting not to use the travel booked by the CSA will not be eligible for travel subsidy and the hosting Provincial Association will have no obligation to provide the team with local ground transportation.

Team(s) who confirm travel and subsequently withdraw from the National Club Championship after a deposit is given or a contract is signed with the airline or tickets have been issued by the CSA Travel Agency shall be responsible for all costs associated with such. These team(s) will not be eligible for any travel subsidy.

The CSA books groups of twenty-two (22) tickets for the teams. Any additional ticket requirements are the responsibility of the team and funding for teams is based on a group of a maximum of 18. Teams from Provinces bordering on the host province are expected to travel by ground transport wherever possible. All other teams will travel by air. If the ground travel is more than (8) hours, teams have the option of flying. Each team is required to fly out of and return to the same city. Any team members that cannot travel on the flights booked will be responsible for their own travel arrangements (players/staff traveling from other cities).

Once the payment has been sent to the Association, only name changes will be permitted. Name changes can be processed any time until seven (7) days prior to the start of the tournament. The cost for the name change is the amount charged by the airlines plus the travel agency fee.

Once the final number of air tickets has been confirmed by the Club, there will be no cancellations.


Teams are required to stay at the designated hotels unless the team’s home base is within 50km radius of the hosting venues and the team chooses to stay at home.

Teams will be permitted to have banners/flags/signs provided they have been approved by the CSA no later than twenty-one (21) days prior to the scheduled start of the championship. These shall be no larger than 3’ x 6’. Teams displaying banners/flags/signs that have not been approved by the CSA will be subject to a fine. This rule does not apply to Provincial/Association flags.

The participating teams must submit a list of sponsors that are on their uniforms for approval by the CSA, prior to travelling to the National Championships. This will be reviewed at the pre-championship meeting. Any teams having a sponsor on their playing uniform that conflicts with the CSA sponsor will not be permitted to play until it is covered or removed.

DATE OF BOARD APPROVAL: Monday February 16, 2015