Players off to College/University

Last Updated: Nov 12th, 2015

Victoria Brenton- University of Alberta Augustana - Vikings

Victoria Brenton is now attending the University of Alberta Augustana, studying to become a Chemistry and French teacher.

Brenton has been playing soccer for fifteen (15) years now, and has attended  four (4) Arctic Winter Games (AWG) and one (1) Canada Summer Games (CSG), representing the NWT. 

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Carson Roche - University of Alberta Augustana - Vikings

 Carson Roche is from Deline and currently attending Augustana University. He is studying Kinesiology and also  playing for the Vikings Mens Soccer Team. Ever since Carson was a kid he has enjoyed playing sports  especially  soccer, volleyball and hockey. Carson has lived in many NWT Communities. He moved to Fort Smith  in grade 8  and then later on moved to Yellowknife for his Grade 12 year. Carson has represented Team NWT at  the 2008  NAIG and 2010 and 2012 Arctic Winter Games for Soccer and volleyball.  Once Carson has completed  his studies  at Augustana, he plans on going back to his hometown of Deline and becoming a recreation  coordinator and help  kids get the opportunity to play Sports and travel. Carson would like to thank Sjoerd Van  Der Wielen, his first  soccer coach in Fort Smith. He would also like to thank Roger Vail who has helped him  improve his game  dramatically.

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Andrew Speakman  - University of Alberta Augustana -  Vikings

 Speakman, renowned for his incredible endurance (distance running, biathlon and triathlon) is playing for the  Augustana men's soccer team 2013 in Camrose.  The team practices three times a week; and plays games on  weekends against top U18 teams from the Edmonton area as they move towards more competitive play. It’s the f  first year of this Augustana program – they’re happy to be training with a great coach, enjoying The Beautiful  Game.  Andrew is working diligently at school and training hard for soccer, a great combination for any young  man.  Andrew's background includes soccer with a bit of hockey for cross-training.  He's travelled for soccer to  Red Deer  (YUSC Fury), and on Team NWT (soccer) to both Kamloops for Western Canada Games and S  Sherbrooke for the  Canada Summer Games.  

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