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Last Updated: Nov 12th, 2015


 November 8, 2015

Dear members,

The NWT Soccer Association held its annual general meeting on Saturday, November 7th in Yellowknife. Thanks to all who attended for their time and insights. Click here to view my president’s report, as delivered at the AGM.

I’d like to introduce you to our new board following the annual general meeting:

President: Ollie Williams
Vice President (North): Vacant
Vice President (Central): Mike Doyle
Vice President (South): Shelley Maher
Treasurer: Louise Cumming
Secretary: Tina Drew
Directors at large: Nick Rivet, Gina Michel

Joe Acorn and Roger Vail have stepped down from the board. I would like to thank both of them for their many efforts on behalf of soccer in the NWT and I can assure you of their continuing involvement in growing the game. We will work closely with Joe and Roger in future.

Huw Morris remains our technical director and we are grateful for his knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment. Lyric Sandhals continues as our executive director and - as mentioned in my president’s report - I thank her on behalf of the entire NWT soccer community for her efforts, which are central to the programming we are able to deliver as an organization.

We welcome Jennifer Lalonde and Emmanuel Lamvu as our new youth athlete representatives. Theirs are important voices and their role, in advising the board, is vital. They will help us to consider the views and concerns of the NWT’s players in everything we do. Thanks to Maggie Works and Josh Bevan for their service as the previous athlete representatives.

What happens next?

Our new board has a clear focus for the year ahead: we have embarked on the creation of a strategic plan to lead the development of soccer in the Northwest Territories through to the year 2021.

The creation of this plan will be a year-long process. As a member, please expect to be involved.

From February to April 2016, we will be approaching all stakeholders with a first draft of our strategic plan for evaluation, input and critique. By September 2016, a final draft will go in front of the board for approval. At the 2016 AGM we will present our finalized strategic plan, developed collaboratively with members and the Canada Soccer Association.

What will the plan do? We have identified four overarching ambitions: growing the game, developing those involved (such as players, coaches, and officials), supporting education and health in the Northwest Territories, and pursuing good governance in all we do.

I will be in touch soon with more on this front. In the meantime, we continue to develop and support soccer programming across the NWT. In the immediate future, our territorial trials will identify the futsal teams we send to the Arctic Winter Games, in Greenland, in March 2016. It’s an exciting time – good luck to all involved and thanks to our volunteer coaches and evaluators.

If you ever have questions, suggestions or concerns, you can email me or call my cell, (867) 688-0105. Lyric, our executive director, can be reached for day-to-day operational matters by email or by phone, (867) 669-8396.

Lastly, if you would like to help NWT Soccer in any capacity, from volunteering to coaching, officiating and beyond, please do get in touch with myself or Lyric. We’ll be really happy to help you out and make sure you get the support you need to make a difference with us.

Yours in soccer and with all best wishes,

Ollie Williams
President, NWT Soccer Association


Dates for the forthcoming Territorial Trials in futsal have been confirmed. The trials will take place in Yellowknife on December 10-12, 2015. A full schedule will be published shortly.  For more information and the list of invited players, check out our Arctic Winter Games page.